Advanced Tree and Stump Removal Services

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Advanced Tree and Stump Removal Services
Advanced Tree and Stump Removal Services
WI Tree Fertilization Services
WI Tree Fertilization Services

Tree Fertilization Services

Full Service Tree Fertilization

Advanced Tree & Stump Removal, LLC and their Plant Health Care Division serves Twin Lakes and the surrounding areas for all of your tree fertilization needs.

Tree Fertilizing can play an important role in the maintenance of shade and ornamental trees on your commercial or residential property. Proper fertilization of your trees is vital not only for their growth, but also for tree maintenance and to improve trees’ health. Healthier trees live longer and are more resistant to insects, disease and drought.

At Advanced Tree & Stump Removal, LLC, we offer professional tree fertilization and tree maintenance services that help your trees to look and grow better. The fertilization techniques used by our technicians provide all the necessary elements for proper health and nutrition of your trees, and we take pride in our beautifully maintained trees on properties all around the Twin Lakes, WI area.

Just as a balanced diet is essential for humans, trees too need nutrients for their metabolism at all stages of their life cycle – establishment, growth and maintenance. Deficiency of nutrients can lead to discoloration of leaves, diminished leaf size, slow growth, browning of leaf tips and shoot dieback.

If your trees exhibit any of the symptoms mentioned above, please call us today for a free tree assessment.

Tree Fertilization helps:

  • Stimulate Overall Tree and Plant Growth
  • Improve Leaf Size and Thickness
  • Enhance Color
  • Increase Flowering and Fruit Potential
  • Aid Root Development and Rebuilding Root Systems
  • Protect against Disease & Insects
Tree Fertilization Services Kenosha, WI